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Coaching for Search Fund CEOs

“Nausheen was a difference maker in our exit process presentations. We saw significant improvement, even beyond what we thought was possible given our time frame.”

Kalil Diaz ceo ccd Communication Skills for CEOs - Coaching for Search Fund CEOs
Kalil Diaz


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Coaching Package 1

Refine your communication to maximize effectiveness as a search fund CEO

Become the most powerful communicator in the company with your leadership team, your board and your employees. 

This coaching program will get you there.

Coaching Package 2

Maximizing the exit:
Outstanding management presentations

The difference between a “good” exit process presentation and a great one can be millions of dollars. Learn how to maximize your chances of a multi-million dollar exit.

Team Workshop

Turn your team into strong communicators

Through this workshop, your team will learn to communicate well, enhance their performance and drive exceptional growth.

Coaching Package 4

Become the sales leader of your company externally

Become the best spokesperson for your company at panels, trade shows, and formal company presentations.

Coaching Package 5

Communicating as a new CEO: The first 100 days​

Build your reputation and credibility as a new CEO through learning powerful communication skills.

Vector 4 Communication Skills for CEOs - Coaching for Search Fund CEOs
Vector 6 Communication Skills for CEOs - Coaching for Search Fund CEOs
Vector 5 Communication Skills for CEOs - Coaching for Search Fund CEOs
Maximize your effectiveness as a search fund CEO

As a CEO, you communicate with critical stakeholders: your leadership team, your company and of course, your board. 

Through this intensive 2-month coaching program, you will learn how to:

  • Understand and manage expectations for all your internal stakeholders.
  • Communicate your ideas with ease, clarity and impact.
  • Manage tricky conversations with the board so that you create win-win outcomes.
  • Adjust your communication style for maximum impact based on your audience.
  • Communicate your company vision, culture, and values – with your team and the entire company.

Program format: Weekly live coaching sessions, with 12+ hours of feedback and guidance. On-demand support in between sessions.

Program duration: 2 months

Maximize the Exit Process

The difference between an “average” management presentation and an outstanding one can be millions of dollars. 

This coaching program is designed to enhance your and your leadership team’s presentation skills so you are able to:

  • Effectively deliver critical key messages to your prospective buyers.

  • Speak with clarity, confidence and conviction.

  • Handle tricky questions clearly and succinctly.

I’ve coached companies like CCD to successfully deliver their exit management presentations
that were praised by senior investors and bankers as being “among the best they had ever seen”. 

Program format: Weekly live coaching sessions, 12 hours of feedback on recorded speaking exercises, on-demand support.

Program duration: 2 months

Turn your team into masterful communicators
A well performing team is a team that communicates well. When you have teams that aren’t performing up to your expectations, you’ll find:
  • Some team members speak up but others stay quiet.
  • Team members don’t raise red flags in time.
  • Misunderstandings happen and information gets lost easily.

This affects team performance, morale and of course business growth. This group program is geared at improving the communication skills of your team so that you can achieve clarity, effectiveness and impact in company-wide communication.

Program format: Group workshop, followed by one-on-one sessions with key leadership team

Become the best company spokesperson

Saying no to speaking opportunities means that you’re losing out on growing your network, influence and business. With suboptimal speaking skills, you fail to make a memorable impression with investors, partners and collaborators.

Through this one-on-one coaching program, you’ll become a strong communicator. We will:

  • Leverage your current strengths and address opportunity areas as a speaker.
  • Arm you with a strong speaker skill set so you understand how to use your voice, energy and body language.
  • Create crucial stories – your origin story, your business story, your story of growth and the future.

You’ll become the best spokesperson and ambassador for your company. 

Program format: Weekly live coaching sessions, including 12 hours of feedback, guidance and analysis on recorded speaking exercises. 

Program duration: 2 months

Communicating as a new CEO

As you step into your new role as a search fund CEO, refining your communication skills is crucial.

If you don’t learn to express your ideas with clarity, conciseness and confidence, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

In this coaching program, you’ll learn how to become a masterful communicator with the management team, employees, and customers.

Program format: Weekly live coaching sessions, including 15-20 hours of feedback, guidance and analysis on recorded speaking exercises. You also get on-demand support in between sessions,

Program duration: 100 days