Hi, I’m Nausheen

I’m a nerd turned Fortune 50 manager turned award-winning filmmaker…turned 3-time TEDx speaker and public speaking coach.


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Who Am I?

I was one of those kids who had no idea what she wanted to be when she grew up.

I’ve been a #1 ranked manager at Fortune 50 giant Procter & Gamble.

I’ve been an award-winning filmmaker.

I trained and performed improv in NYC.

I’ve been a director at a PR company.

I even acted in and directed a sad late night comedy TV show.

But in 2021, I realized I never resonated with any of those roles and titles.

At heart, I’ve loved speaking ever since I was a 19-year old radio show host. Or before that, when I played the Princess in the school’s production of Rapunzel in grade 3.

So in 2022, I quit my multiple 6-figure filmmaking startup to become a public speaking coach.

And after 17 years, I’m finally daring to start living my dream. 

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“From a nervous wreck to a confident speaker, working with Nausheen is the best decision I’ve made on my solopreneur journey.”

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Wesley Evan Smith

Mindful Productivity Coach

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What Do I Do?

I coach people like you to speak as your best selves – on any platform.

If I was to count, I’d say I’ve probably been on stage and on camera at least 573 times – out of sheer love for the art of speaking well.

From speaking at coffee shop storytelling events to training thousands of people on communication skills…to speaking on the TEDx stage three times. 

From being interviewed on national TV in China to coaching CEOs to speak on Bloomberg, BBC and even Unbox Therapy.

Now I’m bringing to you 17 years of experience in the science and art of speaking well.

The numbers speak for themselves

I’ve coached
Execs & Founders
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In Business Growth
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“Nausheen changed the trajectory of my career!”

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My super powers are:

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Helping you notice and improve the crucial details so you always speak with impact.
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Empowering you through improv exercises to articulate better on the spot.
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My signature Speak as a Leader system that I’ve developed through 10,000+ hours on stage and on camera.

Claims to fame

Communication Skills trainer



TEDx speaker

Coached leaders at

Amazon, IBM, Walmart, AT&T and SAP

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Let's Work Together

Hate watching yourself back because you feel like you’ve let yourself down?
You walk away from a presentation thinking, “I could have said that so much better!”
Let’s change that.

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