Are you sadly hiding behind your LinkedIn content in 2024?

Are you making it hard for clients to hire you?

If you’re hiding behind your written LinkedIn content, you just might be.

Last year, I coached two of the top AI influencers on LinkedIn. One of them reached 77 million impressions in 2023.

But they both had the same concern:

“If I don’t come out from behind my posts, people will mistake my content for someone else’s. In a time when it’s all about AI, I have to show people who I really am”.

I had a similar journey on LinkedIn.

I started creating text posts, pairing them up with selfies. Got great feedback.

I started creating carousels. Got great reach.

And then, back in 2022, a client told me:

“Nausheen, I can’t see you speaking anywhere…If I look at your LinkedIn content, I don’t get a sense of who you really are”.

A lightbulb went off.

I started creating videos, doing LinkedIn Lives and podcasts.

And I instantly saw results:

→ 3x-5x increase in engagement – people like seeing people.

→ Invited by LinkedIn Learning to create an official course.

→ 10 times more interest (and sales) from dream clients.

I don’t recommend speaking on camera to serve your ego or show off fancy lighting equipment.

I recommend speaking on camera so that you become visible.

So that you’re seen and heard. So that:

→ You get inbound leads asking about your offers.

→ Clients come to sales calls saying “It feels like I know you“.

→ You stop being an “influencer” and become a thought leader.

In social psychology, we call it the “mere exposure effect”. People learn to trust you because they feel a sense of familiarity with you.

So how do you “come out from behind your LinkedIn content”?

Stop relying solely on your carousels and images.

Do that podcast.

Make that first video.

Speak on that LinkedIn Live.

Stop hiding from your dream clients. Become more visible, and they will start banging on your door.

P.S. I didn’t just “magically” create videos that got me the right kind of attention and leads. I leveraged my Masters degree in Filmmaking + 7 years of experience as a filmmaker to create my videos. In my next email, I’ll show you how.

Till then,

Speak fearlessly.

💜 Nausheen

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