How do videos REALLY perform on LinkedIn?

If you’ve been hesitating making videos because you believe that videos don’t perform well on LinkedIn, you’re not alone.

I thought that way for a long time and didn’t make a single video.

But then when I started making videos back in September, I realized that videos gave me traction, got me attention and helped me create my community (that’s you! 💜).

So I wanted to bust that myth once and for all.

Here’s what I did.

I took some of my well-performing text posts and turned them into videos.

And now I’ll break down for you how the text + image posts performed vs the videos that contained the SAME content.

Videos vs text + image posts: What the data says!

This is an analysis of 5 random posts. They are in chronological order.

Post 1:

Text + image results:

🔥 17,078 impressions


🔥 107 reactions

Video results:

🔥 14,643 impressions


🔥 233 reactions

Post 2:

Text + image results:

🔥 10,249 impressions


🔥 227 reactions

Video results:

🔥 4,934 impressions


🔥 153 reactions

Post 3:

Text + image results:

🔥 5,967 impressions


🔥 102 reactions

Video results:

🔥 12,177 impressions


🔥 178 reactions

Post 4:

Text + image results:

🔥 6,707 impressions


🔥 163 reactions

Video results:

🔥 10,265 impressions


🔥 205 reactions

Post 5:

Text + image results:

🔥 7,828 impressions


🔥 156 reactions

Video results:

🔥 14,397 impressions


🔥 357 reactions

What the numbers mean:

🔥 In 4 out of 5 cases, video posts got more reactions and comments, sometimes DOUBLE that of the text + image posts.

🔥 In the beginning, my text + image posts got more impressions, but later on, the impressions for video almost doubled. Does the LinkedIn algorithm “learn” what format performs best for you to give you more impressions for that?

🔥 EVEN in cases where impressions were lower for video posts (Posts 1 & 2), video posts got MORE comments despite lower impressions. This means that videos create more engagement.

These results are only from 5 randomized posts, and only from my own data.

But I do think that video posts have immense potential for creating a highly engaged community which then creates a strong personal brand.

And speaking of personal brands, I take a look at the fantastic conversations that I’ve had this year with some amazing leaders from Google, Facebook, IBM, Walmart, Unilever and even the Pentagon in this week’s Speak as a Leader podcast. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these highlights.

Till we meet again, speak fearlessly!

💜 Nausheen

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