Make your audience FEEL something when you speak.

When I watched The Wizard of Oz, I identified most with the Tin Man. Because I was never in touch with my feelings. I valued logic and cold hard truths above everything else.

What I didn’t realize was that making people feel something and telling someone the facts are NOT mutually exclusive.

When you’re speaking to an audience, your job is not just to deliver information. It’s to get the audience to listencare and remember the information.

So of course you need to package it well.

Making people feel something is the best way to package the facts. Here’s how.

Adapt your content and delivery to be audience-centric.

🔥 Make them feel like you know them.

Talk to them like you would to a close friend. Acknowledge how they’re feeling at the outset – call out the reason they are in the room: “You’re tired of not generating leads for your business right? Yeah, I was too…back in 2019.”

🔥 Strategically connect through your words and body language.

Smile. Add in jokes. Ask them questions. Make an effort to show your audience you’re not just there to give a lecture but to connect with them.

Your entire talk or presentation should not be replaceable by an email. Your presence is felt when you make your audience feel good.

🔥 Make them feel seen and heard by reacting to them.

Tune in to their reactions.

Did they not laugh at a joke? Make a joke about your own joke falling flat.

Did they say “ooh” or sit up to pay more attention to something? React to that – “Oh you like that huh? Well, wait till you see this next thing!”

None of this is rocket science. 🚀

But we SO often make our presentations about US and not THEM. And we limit our own impact when we do that.

Try out this strategy next time and you’ll notice that you’ll have MORE people coming up to talk to you or add you on LinkedIn after your talk. And if you try any of this out, do let me know – I always love hearing from you.

Till we meet again, speak fearlessly!

💜 Nausheen

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