Breaking the Confidence Myth – How Public Speaking Builds Confidence

Discover the truth behind a common misconception about confidence.

Have you ever been told that confidence is a prerequisite for effective public speaking? Let’s bust that myth right now. The truth is, confidence is not a starting point, but a result – you gain it through the very act of public speaking.

Think of public speaking as a transformative tool rather than a daunting challenge. Every time you take the stage, something remarkable unfolds. You captivate your audience, showcasing your ability to engage and hold attention. You field questions and interact in real-time, cementing your status as a knowledgeable authority. Each experience builds your trust in your capabilities, especially in handling on-stage stress.

Let’s explore how public speaking confidence is really grown and how to get started:


The biggest lie you’ve been told about public speaking is that you need to be confident before you speak. Not true.

You actually GAIN confidence THROUGH public speaking.

It’s a tool, not the final destination.

Each time you speak on stage, surprising and wonderful things happen:

😎 You realize you’re capable of holding people’s attention.
😎 You respond to questions in real time, establishing yourself as an authority.
😎 You gain more and more trust in yourself and your abilities to handle stress on stage.

Magic happens on that stage, even when things go “wrong”.
You walk away having learned SO much in a short amount of time.
Speaking in public is one of the 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 ways to boost your self-confidence.

Are there any awesome things that happened to you when you spoke in public? Would love to know.

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