Unlocking Confident and Effective Public Speaking: A 3-Step Strategy

Learn a powerful 3-step framework to boost your confidence.

Often, the art of public speaking is perceived as a mere act of confidence, where words flow but the impact lingers superficially. However, true effectiveness in speaking transcends mere confidence—it embodies the essence of impactful action and resonating messages.

In this video I will help you recognize and understand the symptoms of a lack of confidence. These could manifest as mumbling, uncontrolled gestures, or an over-reliance on filler words. Next, we delve into identifying the root causes—the confidence dampeners.

I will also give you some practical strategies you can use to build your confidence.


You can be a confident speaker without being effective. You know, all talk and no action. BUT you can’t be an effective speaker without being confident.

Try this 3 step framework to 10x your confidence.

1. Identify the symptoms of lack of confidence.

Are you mumbling? Are you not in control of your gestures? Are you using too many filler words?

2. Identify the source – confidence dampeners

Do you feel like you don’t belong on that stage? Fear of being judged? Fear of not being prepared enough?

3. Create confidence builders

Now that you know what’s getting you down, you can work on your confidence builders.

Challenge your limiting beliefs – give yourself evidence of all the times you’ve exceled at your work

Get out of your head – practice and focus on the audience

Get to know your audience before you speak If you focus on being perfect when you speak, you’ll always be self conscious

But if you start focusing on the audience, it will take your focus away from you and towards the people that you’re serving.

3 step strategy – 10x your confidence.

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