How To Stop Speaking Too Fast

87% of my clients have this challenge. They speak too fast.

Watch this video to find out how to slow down.

Fast talker? Yeah, you’re not alone. 87% of my clients stumble over the same speed bump, zooming through words like nobody’s business. Some even wear it like a badge of honor (weird, right?). Buckle up, because this video cracks the code on mastering your verbal pace. We’re not aiming for robotic monotone, but a superpower: controlling your speech like a ninja, speeding up or slowing down at will. Ready to ditch the sonic boom and become a master of vocal dynamics? Watch this video today…


If you’re someone who speaks like this and want to learn to slow down, keep watching.

87% of my clients have this challenge.
They speak too fast.

Some people are even oddly proud of speaking too fast.
What’s that about?

This is how you can learn to slow down. And not just slow down – because we don’t want everyone to speak like this. The real goal is to be in control of you speed so you can speed up or slow down on the fly.

1st step – become aware of your speed. Record yourself. Use an AI tool to measure your words per minute.

For some this is a reality check.

step 2 – Now become aware of how fast you’re speaking in the moment.
Not gonna lie – this step takes time.

The more you record yourself speaking and watch it back, the more awareness you’ll build in the moment.
It’s like being able to step back as you’re speaking and seeing yourself from the audience’s perspective.

step 3- you’re now aware of how fast or slow you’re speaking in the moment.
I’d like you to acknowledge that you’re in control of your speed and then take charge.

Speed up when you want to show excitement or show too many things happening at the same time.
My week was intense – meeting after meeting after meeting.

Or slow down to show drama, or gravity.
My week was intense – meeting after meeting after meeting.

See how varying the pace conveys emotions? Your turn.

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