Boost Your Body Language: 5 Meeting Gestures To Avoid

Don’t make the mistake of using these gestures in your next meeting or presentation.

Ever wondered why your messages might not be landing as intended in meetings or presentations?

Your body language could be the culprit!

In this video, we uncover 5 common gestures that could be sabotaging your communication without you even realizing it. From covering your face to the wrong way to use your hands, learn how these subtle cues can change the perception of your colleagues or audience.

Plus, discover the cardinal sin of body language on camera that many overlook.

Whether you’re presenting in-person or virtually, mastering your non-verbal cues can make you a more effective and persuasive communicator. 


0:00: Here are five gestures you should not be making in any meeting. Check if you’re doing any of these by mistake. First one.

0:08: When you are covering your face, it might mean that you’re hiding something. It might mean that you’re not very open about your opinions. You might be doing this completely subconsciously, so I want you to be aware of this. Two, if you’re clenching your fists and tight balls, it could indicate that you’re feeling nervous, aggressive, stressed.

0:32: Let your hands be loose and relaxed. Three, pointing a finger at people could be completely harmless in your mind, but it makes people feel defensive like you’re pointing them out for something. Four, I’ve seen a lot of people hold one hand with another, completely thoughtlessly as they speak. It looks like you’re restricting yourself or restraining yourself from saying something. Five, I have been guilty of this.

0:59: Supporting your head on your hand too much for long periods of time could indicate that you’re feeling tired, stressed, you’re waiting for the weekend. The one thing I haven’t told you, the biggest cardinal sin of body language on camera is not showing your hands at all, because that feels and comes across as extremely unnatural. So be relaxed. Show your hands and use your gestures to become more powerful as a speaker. Which mistake have you seen people make the most? I would love to know.

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