3 ways to weave storytelling into your work: Is someone else telling your stories?

I had two clients speaking to audiences of 500+ each last week. They did (really) well – but that’s not the most interesting part.

The most interesting part was what the two talks had in common: they both told stories of how they got to where they are in their professional lives.

And this how they felt right after they were done:

screenshot of message about becoming better after a successful storytelling
screenshot about storytelling gets better

I’ve seen super talented entrepreneurs and execs shy away from storytelling on camera and on stage.

They think:

  • I’m not ready to speak so publicly.
  • My work should speak for itself.
  • My story isn’t unique enough.

The truth about storytelling

You’ll never feel 100% ready.

Your work CAN speak for itself but people buy from and trust people. And your story is what humanizes you.

And if your story isn’t unique, then how is anyone else’s?

When you start speaking and sharing in public, you start seeing real business and personal growth.

And while you’re hesitating sharing your story, your competitors are:

  • Building their brands by speaking on more stages.
  • Gaining more influence by guesting on podcasts.
  • Telling the stories that YOU can tell better.

If you want to step out from the shadows and start telling your story, here are 3 ways to start:

  1. Take a Sunday afternoon and write down the 5-7 big stories of your life that have shaped your journey.
  2. Weave storytelling into your next presentation, talk or Q&A.
  3. Document 1 new story from your life every day.

Telling your story is not just for self-glorification.

It can influence OTHERS who are still in the shadows to emerge.

It can set in motion a virtuous cycle where your peers, your potential clients and your management feel like they know you beyond your name, title and accolades.

It can mean that you can safeguard your future by becoming more memorable to those that can help you grow.

screenshot of message that says I am not a number anymore after storytelling

I hope this encourages you to start working on the stories you want to tell.

If you need help, just reach out.

Till next Sunday,

Speak fearlessly.

💜 Nausheen

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