You bought Dale Carnegie’s book months ago. Now what? Ready to speak?

Let’s face it.

This isn’t the first time you’re thinking of improving your speaking skills.

Dale Carnegie book on The Art of Public Speaking

You’ve bought the Dale Carnegie book.

You’ve looked at that speaking course.

You’ve watched 339.5 TED talks.

And yet:

  • You still struggle to feel 100% confident when you speak.
  • You ramble and speak too fast and don’t know how to stop.
  • You’re still saying no to podcasts, videos and live events.

Here’s what’s missing:

  • You’re not prioritizing improving your speaking skills.
  • It only becomes “urgent” with a new opportunity.
  • By then, it’s too late to become a strong speaker.
  • So you say no or speak poorly, and move on….
  • Only to cringe at the thought of doing it again.

Here’s how to break this vicious cycle.

I want you to embrace “speaking with more impact” every single day, not just for podcasts or videos.

  1. Start thinking of every meeting as an opportunity to practice.
  2. Understand how to use your voice, energy, body language.
  3. Record yourself, watch it back – cringey but worth it.
  4. Get feedback from peers, mentors and coaches.
  5. Aim to improve 1 sub-skill with each practice.

Speaking well is like going to the gym. You don’t show up for the weightlifting competition without training for it.

But signing up for a weightlifting competition as a way to motivate yourself to get back into shape totally works.

Use public speaking events like presentations, webinars, podcasts and speaking at live events as “ultimate goal” motivators.

Then train every day through speaking more intentionally in your meetings.

And you’ll see the difference in a few weeks.

You can learn this by yourself, but:

  • You may have blind spots – you don’t know what you’re doing well and what you can improve on.
  • You might be practicing bad habits in instead of focusing on improving them.
  • You aren’t accountable to anyone else so you might let it fall by the wayside.

If you want help, just let’s talk.

That’s what I’m here for.

Till next Sunday,

Speak fearlessly.

💜 Nausheen

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