Are you making these 5 mistakes on camera?

We’re living in strange times.

We’re on camera more than at any other time in history. There’s a lens in between you and your clients, your peers and your friends.

The camera can add to your credibility, influence and presence. Or it can diminish it.

And you might be making these mistakes that destroy your authority and trust – without even realizing it!

So here are…

5 Mistakes to Avoid On Camera (So you keep being awesome!)

🔥 Looking UP or DOWN at the camera

Filmmaking 101: If you want someone to look larger than life, film them from a low angle. And if you want to make them look tiny and insignificant, put the camera high above them.

So unless you want to come across as overbearing or insignificant, keep your webcam at eye-level.

🔥 Avoiding eye contact!

Yes it matters. If you’re not looking at the person you’re speaking with – whether it’s a Zoom call or a recorded video – we don’t feel connected to you.

Look at the audience through the lens- they will feel seen and heard. Here’s how to do it.

🔥 Blank wall syndrome

I get it – you have limited space! But speaking in front of a blank white wall doesn’t give us any clues about where you are. It doesn’t build trust because we don’t get enough data about you.

So if you only have a blank wall behind you, try to dress it up – hang some pictures, drag in a plant. Make it yours.

🔥 Too close or too far

When you talk to people in real life, you don’t go right up to their face or speak from 2 tables away. Don’t do the same thing on camera.

Stay within “friendly” distance of your camera – and if possible, “match” the other person in the frame so they feel like you’re on the same page.

🔥 Looking at yourself

I love looking at myself as much as you do. Or hate. I alternate between the two. (probably also like you!)

But when you’re on camera -either live or for a recorded video – avoid looking at yourself. This will help you get out of your head, stop worrying about how you look and be MORE present in the moment.

For example, I often hide the video preview when I’m recording my videos. And I often pin the speaker who I’m talking to so that I mostly see them.

Try it next time. Let me know how it goes.

And if you want to optimize your video setup, I’m now offering a new Video Power Hour with me where I can help you create the best setup to create that amazing content.

Till we meet again, speak fearlessly!

💜 Nausheen

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