How to speak to build authority

I have a confession to make.

When I was growing up, I never had any authority.

I know what you’re thinking.

Most kids don’t have any authority.

But as the youngest child in an extended family of teenagers and adults, I was often left out of my cousin’s games and “private” conversations.

My opinions and thoughts never mattered.

This of course made me hungry to build authority.

So I dedicated my 20s and 30s to studying, observing, analyzing and building that authority. And I’m sharing the blueprint that I created with you.

You can use this strategy whether you’re talking to your team, giving a presentation or speaking on camera.

🔥 Balance aspiration and actionability in your words

Aspiration gives your audience goals.

Actionability gives them concrete next steps.

Too much aspiration = empty promises, low trust.

Too much actionability = low motivation, high stress.

🔥 Transparency builds trust

You can’t look up to someone you don’t trust.

And you can’t trust someone who has something to hide.

But watch-out: Sometimes transparency about things that are beyond the team’s control might make them feel helpless!

🔥 Learn to speak and listen simultaneously

When you’re speaking, learn to read the room.

Are people listening?

Are they speaking up or are they bored/afraid/uninterested?

The earlier you can engage your audience, the easier it will be to get their buy-in.

🔥 Balance questions with advocacy

Asking questions is great.

But asking a lot without standing for something doesn’t help build a “leadership” persona.

Too many questions = interrogation.

Too much advocacy = forcing your point of view.

🔥 Build stories worth telling

Keep in mind what you want to stand for, and what you want to inspire in your team or audience: integrity, curiosity, grit etc.

Find different stories from your everyday life that contribute to those values and tell them in every speaking opportunity.

Sending you lots of love this Saturday for a great week ahead where you SMASH speaking every chance you get.

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