Stop saying no to podcasts and live events to get powerful, 6-figure business growth

You keep saying no to podcasts and event invites.

You look at LinkedIn Live events and think “I can’t do that”.

You choose to stay in the shadows…even though you know that standing out is the best way to grow your brand and your business.

And the best way to stand out, build your credibility and reputation is by speaking to your audience.

It’s not just a “nice to have”.

Why speak on podcasts:

Here are some concrete, real business results that entrepreneurs have achieved by speaking on camera and on stage:

  • Financial planner Mando Sallavanti III started speaking on stage, creating videos and speaking on podcasts, getting leads that resulted in additional $25,000 recurring revenue.
  • Ruben Hassid went from a LinkedIn content creator to a global thought leader in AI by speaking on big stages in 3 different countries.
  • Wes overcame his extreme shyness and started making videos to launch his coaching business, getting leads from YouTube and LinkedIn.

This could be you.

I’m not here to tell you to just do it.

I’m here to give you a solid, 3-step plan to just do it.

Step 1: Find the fear of speaking on podcasts and live events

  • What holds you back from speaking? Fear of judgement?
  • Did you have a bad speaking experience once?
  • Do you feel concerned about the “permanence” of your podcast or event recording being out there forever?

It gets easier to defeat your fear once you know what it is.

The good news is – with the right strategy, all of these fears can be overcome.

Step 2: Take safe action – start podcasts, live speaking

Start by saying yes to “safer”, lower-stakes podcast and event opportunities.

Going from zero → high-stress speaking situations is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, do this:

  • Seek out open mic storytelling events around you (they exist!)
  • Create an intro video and share it with your friends and mentors.
  • Ask your LinkedIn contacts who have podcasts if you can be a guest.

Each time you take small, “safe” action, you’re getting one step closer to taking bigger action the next time.

Step 3: Use results to improve

Every speaking opportunity is data. Use every single meeting, podcast or event recording to analyze:

Yes, your speaking skills may not be amazing at first.

But if you don’t start speaking in public, you’ll never improve.

If you were looking for a sign, this is it my friend.

I hope you come out from the shadows in 2024.

Till we speak again!

💜 Nausheen

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