Best Eye Contact Strategy to Engage your Audience

Transform your presentations by mastering eye contact, turning your talks into powerful connections that engage, inspire, and win support.

Want to present like a CEO?

Here’s a simple tip to keep your audience engaged:

Be mindful of where you look. Otherwise, you might disengage your audience.

In the video, I show a simple solution for this.

It has transformed my presentations. Suddenly, you’re not just talking

You’re connecting.

-Your storytelling will resonate with more hearts.
-Your webinars will engage more attendees.
-Your meetings will inspire more action.
-Your pitches will win more support.
-Try it. See the difference.

Connection is the basis of communication. Don’t just be heard. Feel heard.


People ask me all the time, where the heck do I look when I’m on camera? 

Should I look at the other person or should I look straight into the camera? 

The problem is when you look at the other person to them, it doesn’t look like you’re actually looking at them. 

If you only look into your webcam, then you’re missing out on the facial expressions from the other person. 

It can look and feel super awkward when you just don’t really know where to look.

There’s a great solution to this that most people don’t know about. 

It’s to use a teleprompter. (0:31) No, teleprompters are not just for reading off of a script.

They’re a great way to be able to look at the other person during a call or a presentation and look at your camera at the same time. 

I use a teleprompter for all my calls. 

I also use it for my bootcamp presentations where I can look at the slides and the audience at the same time.

I also use it for my videos. 

I’m using a teleprompter right now. Were you able to tell? 

So should you invest in one? 

If you’re doing a lot of presentations or podcasts or if you want to create video content, I would absolutely recommend one.

I’ve tried out a few and the one that I’ve liked the most is the Elgato teleprompter. It’s got a built-in monitor and that’s not common for teleprompters. 

Very often, you have to get the teleprompter and the monitor separately, which is more expensive and clunky.

But with the Elgato one, you get a built-in monitor. 

So all you need to do is set that up and it’s super easy to set up as well. 

Do you ever get confused about where to look when you’re on camera?

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