3 Things that Chris Do does

Learn three key things that Chris Do does when he speaks that make his presentation exceptional every single time.

Great speakers don’t just talk; they transform the room. Here’s how 👇

Meet Chris Do.

He’s among the world’s top presenters.

Small details set him apart:

The strategic pause.
The engaging smile.
How he makes each listener feel acknowledged.

Chris has mastered these nuances.

No wonder his speeches are transformative.

Want to uncover these secrets for yourself?

Watch the video below as I reveal three of Chris Do’s key presentation strategies.

They might seem minor, but they’re revolutionary.


Chris Do is a legend in design, in thought leadership, but also on stage. Here are three things he does exceptionally well when he speaks and how you can learn to be exceptional when you speak as well. Let’s go.

First, he makes an entrance. You can feel his energy when he literally bounces on the stage. The entrance sets the tone and the mood for your talk.

Two, I want to show you how he establishes his credibility in the first minute.

“And this is a version of my two hour mini workshop, and we’re going to just bang it out in 30 minutes. So I want to let you guys know about this big, hairy, audacious goal that I have, which is to teach and impact 1 billion lives on planet Earth.”

He talks about three things very quickly. His live streaming, his two hour workshops, and his big, hairy, audacious goal. This is strategic.

As the audience, you lean in closer when you feel like you’re hearing from someone who teaches things and who has big ideas and a mission. You want to know more. He’s gotten your buy in.

Three, I want you to notice how he uses his voice. He plays with his pitch.

“I do my job. I can take 1400 from that 1 billion.”

And it’s on purpose. He says, if I do my job, I can take 1400 from that 1 billion.

He could have said, if I do my job, I can take 1400 from that 1 billion. But that’s no fun. That’s monotone.

That doesn’t show you that he’s a world-class speaker.

So there you have it. Three strategic things that Chris Do does that you could do in your next talk, presentation, or a live event that will make you a super powerful speaker.

Tell me, which strategy did you like the most?

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