5 Secrets of Fortune 500 Presentations

Elevate Your Presentations with These 5 Proven Strategies!

More than 30 million presentations are made everyday. But less than 1% are memorable.

This is because most presentations are made without a lot of thought going into them.

But if you’re boring the eyeballs out of your audience when you present, you’re actually going in for a double lose. Not only will your presentation be forgotten but you might be damaging your credibility and reputation.

When I was a manager at a Fortune 50 company (Procter & Gamble), I created and attended dozens of presentations every week. A handful always stood out.

In this video, I’ve distilled the 5 key lessons I learned creating masterful presentations that made an impact on the audience and got heads nodding in our favor.

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I’m not sure if I should be telling you this but I am! Here are 5 things I learned, observed and analyzed from presenting at Fortune 500 companies – that you can steal for your next presentation!

  1. No one owes you their attention. You have to earn it. Lead with your biggest wins. In internal presentations, talk about recent team accomplishments that you can brag about and celebrate so that people sit up in their chairs and think, “this person knows what they’re talking about”.
  2. The audience is supportive but impatient. They will listen to you…for about 5 seconds before they decide whether you’re worth their time. Get to the point quickly. Be honest, transparent and energetic. Pepper your talk with insights and moments that make them go, “huh, interesting!”
  3. Have backup slides. This was a super useful strategy that middle management used to not just have answers in their back pockets but also to give themselves the internal reassurance that they got this.
  4. It’s a real opportunity to shine. I remember when I was still young in the company but was chosen to present my work to a senior VP. I flew out to Dubai just to present. It was a big deal. I didn’t know it at the time but I was creating my personal brand – not just for the immediate audience but for everyone else who learned that I’d presented there. Make the MOST of these opportunities to be visible.
  5. Know how to lead and redirect the discussion. There will be people in the audience who might sidetrack the discussion. Understand how to bring it back on track. If you are presenting it’s YOUR room. Be attentive, firm but polite.

Did these help? I’d love to know if you tried any of these out – tell me in the comments!

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