Boost Your On-Camera Confidence With This SIMPLE Checklist!

Expert pre-presentation checklist for a powerful performance

One of the biggest reasons people feel nervous when they’re about to speak in public is a lack of preparation. And when you’re nervous, especially at the start of your talk or presentation-it shows; You’re talking too fast. You’re not being as articulate. You’re not using any expressions.

You can use this one simple technique to get rid of your nerves right before you need to deliver an important presentation or go on a podcast: Deliver a pre-game ritual to get in the confidence zone.

In this video, I share a simple but detailed checklist of activities, a pre-game ritual or routine, if you will, that will greatly benefit any public speaker before they step into the spotlight so that you start speaking with confidence from the get-go.

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Feeling nervous right before you need to present on camera? Steal my checklist:

  • Grab something to drink and get your energy up before the presentation.
  • Jumping jacks!
  • Do something light in the moments leading up to it: listen to music, close your eyes.
  • Get into your “energy” zone. Remember to turn your energy up HIGH.

What do you do before you need to present on camera?

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