5 Techniques for Engaging Presentations

Transform your brilliant ideas into compelling presentations with these 5 essential techniques.

Why Brilliant Ideas Go Bust – 5 Tips to Present Yours Like a Pro

Ah, the tragedy of the unrecognized genius.

This video is your secret weapon to turn those “meh” pitches into show-stopping revelations. We’ll dive deep into 5 practical tips that’ll transform your delivery from fumble to finesse.


Brilliant ideas fail ALL the time. Why? Because someone fails to present them well. Here are 5 quick tips for you to present your awesome idea so it doesn’t suck.

  1. Simplify. Use fewer words.

Every complex idea can be simplified and explained concisely.

Go the extra mile. Edit your idea ruthlessly till it’s simple, impactful and memorable.

  1. Always know who will be in the room.

Understand deeply who you’re presenting to BEFORE working on your talk or presentation.

Be open to adapting your language, examples and tone based on the audience.

  1. Rehearse WITH an audience.

Can you rehearse your delivery?


Can you record yourself to see where you can improve?


Can you ask your friend/partner/any human (but not a dog) to be in the audience WHILE you rehearse?


  1. Be 2000% present.

When you present, be present.

Leave your phone behind.

Stop thinking of other stuff.

Be fully, fully there, in the moment.

  1. Leave them wanting more.

When you’ve made a point, stop talking.

When you ask a question, pause.

Don’t ramble on – your ideas lose impact the more loose they feel.

Did this help? Have you ever had someone say no to your brilliant idea because you didn’t do a good job at presenting it? Would love to know.

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