Crush the Camera Fear – 5 Expert Tips for Being Awesome On-Camera

Conquer camera fear and captivate your audience on-screen with 5 expert-backed tips.

Conquer the Green Dot and Slay Your Video Fears!

Ever feel butterflies take flight when that little green light stares back at you? You’re not alone! Public speaking can be daunting, especially when it’s through a screen. But fear not, this video will arm you with 5 tips to crush camera fear.


It’s not just you. A lot of people are scared of the green dot. You know. The one staring at you when you’re on camera.

5 tips so you can kill it speaking on camera (not to be confused with actual murder)

  1. Look straight into the green dot. This is like making eye contact with your audience
  2. Turn your energy up!
  3. Get into conversation mode – best videos feel like conversations that you’re having, not a lecture
  4. Don’t read – you might sound robotic. Use bullet points
  5. Pause. It lets you breathe. Pause before talking and after you end to ensure smooth editing

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