5 Transformative Benefits of Public Speaking

How public speaking can be a game changer for your confidence and career.

Still sitting on the fence about speaking in public and being more visible? Feels difficult getting out of your routine to find time to be on a podcast or speak at an event. But you’re missing out.

In this video, I show you how speaking to an audience can transform your career and business. And it goes beyond that: speaking in public, telling your story to an audience also transforms your self-confidence.

It doesn’t need to be difficult either. If you want to get started speaking at events, check out the videos on charisma and improving your vocal quality.


5 awesome things that happen when you start speaking in public:

  1. You get seen, you get recognized for your work.
  2. You start adapting how you tell your story to different audiences.
  3. You gain unshakable confidence each time you step on to that stage.
  4. You learn how to tell your story in a time crunch, when all eyes are on you.
  5. You learn how to use your voice: both physically and metaphorically speaking.

Have you experienced any of these? Any other awesome things to add about being on stage? (I already know the non-awesome things that can happen 😂 ).

Would love to know what you think!

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