Build Your Public Speaking Muscles – From Cardio to Weight Training

Transform your approach to public speaking using a weight training analogy.

Public speaking is often likened to the dread of cardio – it raises your heart rate, leaves you with a sense of accomplishment, but let’s be honest, most people despise doing it.

However, what if there was a way to transform your perspective on public speaking? What if, instead of seeing it as a strenuous sprint, you approached it as a gradual weight training regimen?


Public speaking is like doing cardio.
It gets your heart pumping, you feel great afterwards but you HATE doing it.
Here’s a way to get over this:

Treat public speaking like weight training instead.

You don’t need to just break into a run each time you need to speak and then think of how out of shape you are when you speak too fast or end up reading half the slides.

You need to treat it like you’re buliding up the speaking muscles over time.

Start small.
Speak at your company about a process you improved.
Speak at your local coffee shop’s storytelling event.
Speak at your old high school’s career day.

Get your reps in.

Build your speaking muscles.

Once you get comfortable on smaller stages, you will start noticing:

💪 The confidence that comes with being able to explain things to a large audience.
💪 The clarity of thought that comes with answering questions on the fly.
💪 The conciseness that gives you bigger impact vs rambling.

The next time you need to do a presentation for senior management, you’ll simply be utilizing the speaking muscles you’ve been working on.

No to unpleasant presentation sprints and pulling all nighters.
Yes to building up your skills over time and getting your reps in.

🏋️‍♀️ Do you treat speaking and presenting in public as a skill that you are deliberately building over time?

Would love to know.

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