Crafting the Perfect TEDx Talk: 3 Essential Criteria

Pitch for a TEDx talk using this criteria for what they’re looking for.

Have you ever envisioned yourself on the TEDx stage, sharing an idea that could spark change and ignite inspiration?

Then you’re in the right place. In this video, we’re going to explore the art of crafting a TEDx talk that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

We’ll break down the three essential criteria that elevate a good talk to a great one: broad appeal, originality, and the power to inspire.


Ok you want to do a TEDx talk. Great. What will you talk about?


Here are the 3 criteria for creating a TEDx talk:

1. It has to be an idea that appeals to a broad audience.

If you’re from the SaaS industry, for example, don’t talk about automation in customer service. Talk about how customers can benefit from automation.

2. The idea for your talk should be new.

It shouldn’t be obvious. I want to do my TED talk on how women need equal opportunities as men. Yes. Duh?

3. Your TEDx talk should be an idea worth spreading.

When you’re brainstorming about your topic, ask yourself: Why should people care? What’s in it for them? I want to talk about my life story of how I became CEO. Ok…why should people care? Is it an idea worth spreading?

I hope these helped! If you’re interested in doing your first TEDx talk in 2023 – let’s talk! And tell me

What will your TEDx talk be on? I would really love to know!

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