Craft Your Personal Brand – Unleash Your Storytelling Power

Discover the roadmap to building a powerful personal brand through storytelling.

In today’s digital era, building a personal brand has become more important than ever. But how do you start this journey?

How do you carve out a niche for yourself in a world teeming with stories and personalities?

The answer lies in the power of your own story. In this video, we explore the three critical steps to building your personal brand through storytelling: finding your message, your medium, and your people.


How do you start building your personal brand through telling your story?

Find your message, find your medium, find your people.

Your message is the story you want and need to tell.

It can be the story of how you became a VP.
How your family came from humble beginnings and now you own your own apartment.
How you changed your mind about something or someone and how that made a huge difference.

The story you want to tell has to be meaningful in some way to you.
It should also be a little scary to share.
It’s fear that we want to conquer.

Find your medium.
Maybe it’s speaking on a podcast.
Maybe it’s finding a storytelling event near you.
Maybe it’s going back to your old high school to give a career talk.

The medium can change.
The confidence you gain by speaking on any stage will stay with you.

Find your people.

Speaking into a void will not help you.

Speaking to an audience is vital.

It’s about the stakes being high but not overwhelming.

It’s about improving and refining your own story in a public space, with feedback and iteration.

You can express your story in your own way.
The more you speak about your story, the more you learn about yourself.
Find your voice. Create your story. Speak fearlessly.

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