Mastering Impactful Communication – Unleash Your Authentic Self

Learn how to harness the traits that make you unique and combine them strategically to leave a lasting impression.

Ever wondered how to amplify your presence when you speak? Let’s talk about merging the best parts of you with the impactful speaker you aim to be.

Doing so will ensure you communicate better, have better presence and a more impactful message for your audience.

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I often teach about becoming the most impactful version of yourself when you speak.

But Nausheen what does that mean?

Thanks Alex – I’d love to tell you more.

You need to start with a simple exercise.

Write down all the things that people already associate with your personality that they appreciate.
Maybe people say you’re funny. Or that you’re curious. Maybe you’re super observant.

Now write down things that you WANT to be known for in your business.
Being an authority. Being approachable. Being a friend or a confidant.

When you’re planning your next talk, presentation or video –
incorporate ONE combination of those elements in it.

Maybe you want to be an authority with a sense of humor.
Or be seen as the client’s best friend who’s always curious.

Add micro elements to support these traits.
Add a joke.
Add an expression that shows curiosity. Hmmm…

Don’t forget about body language.
If you want to be more authoritative,
don’t sit like this (hunched over)
Sit like this.

These little quirks, added over time, create a richer version of your personality.

This is how you’ll speak as the most IMPACTFUL version of yourself – which is still based on the real, authentic you.

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