5 Speaking Tips to Land Your Dream Job: Impress Interviewers and Stand Out

Unlock the secret to moving from a good job candidate to an outstanding one.

Are you preparing for a job interview and feeling overwhelmed?

Wondering what separates a good candidate from an outstanding one?

In this enlightening video, you’ll discover the insights of an experienced interviewer who has conducted hundreds of job interviews and has a keen sense of what it takes to stand out.

With a spoiler alert upfront, the video reveals that the ONE thing distinguishing exceptional candidates from the rest is their ability to create a genuine connection during the conversation.

But how do you achieve that? Watch this video to find out five actionable speaking tips, each designed to help you build that crucial connection and leave a lasting impression.


I’ve conducted 100s of job interviews.
I developed a good sense for who might make it.

There’s only ONE thing separating the good candidates from the OUTSTANDING ones.

The outstanding candidates create a real connection in the conversation.
These 5 speaking tips will get you there.

PS. These tips also helped me land a job at Fortune 50 giant Procter & Gamble.

Be genuinely invested

Get out of your head.
Immerse yourself in the conversation.
Show real interest in the interviewer and company.

Don’t try to fake it.
People can smell fake interest.

Pro tip:
Don’t try to be too positive or too eager to please.
Show why the opportunity is meaningful for you.
Express your honest impressions.

Deep knowledge of company + Link to your own values = genuine interest.

Bring relevant stories

Stories are memorable.
But a lot of candidates get them wrong.

X Answer every question with a story.
X Take long to get to the point.
X Embellish details.

Use background, conflict, resolution story structure.
Bring a clear & crisp origin story.
Use feedback to refine.

Pro tip:
When preparing your story,
Cut out everything that doesn’t serve the point.

Develop presence of mind

Learn to speak and observe at the same time.

Watch out for the listener’s micro expressions:

Adapt on the fly.
If you see confusion, ask if you should clarify.
If you sense boredom, ask if you should go on.

Pro tip:
Practice “reading” people with friends or family.

Modulate your voice

Don’t settle for a monotone.
When you practice, vary the tones to show different emotions.

Add extra energy to show excitement.
Drop to a whisper to tell a secret.

Your voice keeps the interviewer engaged…
Or puts them to sleep.

5: Target emotions

Your target is not to impart information.
It’s to make the interviewer FEEL what you want them to.

Be in control of what emotions you’re invoking.

Pro tip:
When you do practice interviews with friends or family,
Ask them what emotions you evoked.

Every single person I’ve hired first impressed with me with their words.
But finally convinced me with my feelings.

Use every interview as an opportunity to build your speaking skills.
You’ll always come out a winner.

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