Speak Like an Expert – 5 Strategies for Building Authority and Bagging that Promotion

Unlock the power of confident communication to enhance your authority and career prospects.

In a world where stress and panic are often considered the norm, mastering the art of staying calm is not just extraordinary, it’s essential.

This video unveils five key strategies to maintain composure, inspire confidence, and enhance your leadership skills in high-pressure situations.

Learn how to present calmness even when your thoughts are racing, respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively, create space for diverse opinions, own your mistakes, and practice true diplomacy.


You’re an expert in your industry.
But are you speaking like it?

When you speak poorly,
You fail to build authority.

X Don’t see you as an expert.
X Override your insights and decisions.
X Fail to recognize you know what you’re talking about.

You find yourself arguing and defending every opinion.
Even to yourself.

There’s a better way.

Here are 5 ways to speak so you bag that promotion.

Always Be Calm

In every stressful, panic-inducing situation,
Be the calmest voice in the room.

Stress and panic is “normal”.
Staying calm is extraordinary.
When you’re calm, you inspire others to remain calm.

Pro tip:

Staying calm doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t speeding at 500 km/hr.
It means presenting calmness for everyone around you.

Respond, don’t react

Everything you see and hear is data.
Your team’s feedback is data.
Your boss’ opinion is data.

But how you react is YOUR choice.

Data should never dictate your reaction.
Learn to respond by taking time to process that data.

Make space for others

Don’t dominate the conversation.
That’s dictatorship, not leadership.

Your opinion is only important if others think it is.

Raise your authority by:
–Asking others for theirs
–Listening with an open mind
–Incorporating different points of view

Pro tip:
If you’re speaking more than 50% of the time in any meeting, pause and reflect.

Own your mistakes

Don’t try to cover up your failures.
Be transparent about mistakes.

Transparency increases respect, trust and authority.

Pro tip:
If someone on your team made a mistake,
Talk to them privately
But take ownership as the leader in public

Speak with true diplomacy

Being diplomatic is not:
X Being fake
X Telling lies
X Backstabbing

True diplomacy is magic:
Bringing together conflicting opinions
Finding common ground
Speaking kindly

Even if someone is wrong, always speak kindly to them.
This improves how others perceive you.

Your authority is a bank account you’re always depositing in.
You never know when you might need to make a withdrawal.

To make your voice count in times of stress,
Make it count at all times.

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