Unlock Public Speaking Success: 5 Key Lessons from 75+ Events | Expert Insights

Master public speaking with insights from 75+ events.

Public speaking – the ultimate fear? You’re not alone. But guess what? The audience WANTS you to win!

Let me show you how to shift your mindset, nail your delivery, and connect with your audience.

What’s holding you back? Let’s break that wall down together!


I’ve spoken at 75+ events, from tiny to TEDx. This is what I wish I knew before I started speaking in public.

Have you started speaking in public? What’s holding you back?

  1. The audience wants you to win. People will appreciate you just for showing up and sharing.

They are not there to judge. (Unless you’re on American Idol).

Shift your mindset from: “I hate that they’re looking at me” to “I love that they’re supporting me”.

  1. Less is more. So much more. Less words on the powerpoint.

Fewer words in your talk.

The more you challenge yourself to pack a LOT into a FEW choice words, the more impact you’ll make.

  1. Always break that ice.

Don’t just launch into the meat of your talk.

Give them appetizers first.

Ask questions. Get hands raised.

Get them invested in what you have to say.

  1. Tell them about you FIRST.

Don’t forget to establish who you are.

Make it personal. Show them a glimpse of your story and your journey.

They don’t want to listen to a random face. They want to know who you are.

  1. You’re NOT talking to a crowd.

It’s not a group of faceless people.

You’re not talking to them all at once.

You’re having a 1:1 conversation with EACH of them simultaneously.

Once you shift that mindset, you begin to see it as a conversation, not a one-way speech.

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