Unlock the Secrets of TEDx

Lessons from Two TEDx talks.

Have you ever had an idea so powerful, so transformative, that you just knew you had to share it with the world? If so, the TEDx stage might be calling your name. TEDx events, independently organized gatherings inspired by the spirit of TED Talks, offer a platform to share ideas that matter, spark conversation, and ignite change.

But how do you actually get on that stage? It may seem daunting, but with the right preparation and strategy, you can turn your dream of giving a TEDx talk into reality.


Five unforgettable things that I learned doing two TEDxTalks.

  1. Sell your story. Figure out your calling card story, the one story that only you can tell that’s worth sharing, and then package it in an easily understandable, easily relatable way.
  2. Feedback is more important than you think. I had done maybe a hundred different talks before my TEDx, and I had never asked for feedback.

But for my TEDx, I asked for feedback from my friends, my family, and even strangers.

  1. Aim to be vulnerable. Big stages are actually designed to be intimidating. But if you aim to be authentic, you will feel vulnerable. And that is actually your superpower. The more vulnerable you come across, the more real you will be.

The more of a connection you’ll actually make with the audience.

  1. Make connections. So actually for my second TEDx talk, I was not their first choice, but I made a good impact. I made a good connection with the organizers and when they had a last minute dropout. Guess who they called this is the power of making connections.
  2. Have fun Don’t take things too seriously Because the more pressure you give yourself the less fun you’re gonna have and that’s gonna be obvious You will make mistakes.

You might miss a cue. You might forget a few words But no one other than you will actually know it. So if you know how to keep the show going, then you’re going to have the time of your life. And there’s no way that you won’t come out on top.

So what would you like to do a TEDx talk on? I would love to know.

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