Unmasking Public Speaking Confidence

Master public speaking by deep diving into confidence

My clients often get stuck in a loop: “I’m not confident,” “I need to be more confident,”

Newsflash: Confidence isn’t some mystical treasure. It’s a muscle you can train.

You don’t need it before you speak. You build it by simply showing up and speaking.

So, how do we cultivate these speaking superpowers?

Watch this video and find out today…


I’m not afraid to say it.
Confidence is OVERRATED.

I often hear my clients say:
“I lack confidence”
“I need to be more confident”
“I used to be confident but…”

It seems like they’re WAITING to become confident so they can speak in public.

But confidence is not a buried treasure that you need to find.
Confidence is just a muscle that you can train.

It’s not the pre-requisite.
It’s the result.

You don’t need it before you do something.
You get it BECAUSE you’ve done something.

How do you build confidence when speaking in public?

Train yourself to be calm during chaos.
Know you’re worthy of their attention: really believe it.
Speak like you mean it. Mean every word that you’re saying.
Believe that the audience is on your side and want you to win.
Prepare, do your research, put in the work so you never feel like you don’t belong on that stage.

Each time you speak on that stage, take the time to tell yourself:
“I’ve done it. It was me. I achieved it.”

And see your confidence SOAR.

When was the last time you spoke confidently and were proud of it? I’d love to know.

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