What If Speech GPT Came To Life?

What would you do with an AI clone?

Imagine a future where an AI clone can impersonate you so convincingly, it could attend Zoom calls on your behalf!

Last year, this seemed like a futuristic fantasy, but today, it’s startlingly close to reality.

This video shows how an AI clone of a Wall Street Journal journalist almost passed for the real thing.

Watch this experiment that tests the limits of AI’s mimicry capabilities, including creating TikTok videos and participating in live video calls.

Join me as we explore the implications of AI clones and consider whether we’re ready for this next leap in technology.


Last year, when ChatGPT was really blowing up, I made a video imagining SpeechGPT – which was AI that would make a video for you AS YOURSELF.

Last month…this actually became a reality.

[WSJ extract]
What you just saw was an AI clone of a WSJ journalist – that was not a real person.


So she did 4 experiments to see if AI could replace her -one of them was making a TikTok video as HER!

The final challenge was to do a Zoom call with her clone!

The good news – in both cases where she used her video, people found out that it wasn’t her.

The bad news – this is suuuper new.

So in the words of my friend Ruben Hassid – this is what AI has achieved in a few short months, can you imagine what it will do in the future?

Would you create an AI clone for yourself? I’d love to know.

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