Boost Your Confidence with 5 Powerful Gestures in Public Speaking

Unlock the potential of confident communication through strategic gestures.

When you speak to an audience, you feel stressed under the spotlight.

The first thing you’re likely to forget paying attention to is your body language.

What happens is that you either become a robotic floating head on screen, without any gestures or your hands move erratically and uncontrollably in the most distracting way as you deliver your message.

Fortunately, public speaking body language can be fixed, tweaked and refined to enhance your confidence and perception as you speak.

In this video, I show you 5 powerful gestures that you can use in any meeting, presentation or podcast that will add to the perception of you as a confident speaker.

Check out my video on mastering your body language if you’re up for going further with making your body language work for you, not against you.


Five gestures to transform your body language confidence.

First one, let me show you. This can be done with both hands or with just one with the palm facing outwards and towards the other person. This gesture works really well because the open palm signals trust and transparency, like I have nothing to hide and extending it towards the other person means that you’re trying to create a bridge between yourself and the other.

Second one, counting. This is an easy one. But it really adds confidence. Any time that you have more than two things to discuss, try counting them off. So the first reason why this adds confidence, see what I did there, is because it puts you in control. And the second reason is that it makes the other person Visualize what you’re saying.

The third gesture is the one hand technique. What this means is that you’re taking one hand and resting it on your lap or on the table and using the other hand to gesture naturally. The reason why this works is because one side of you projects quiet confidence, stability, and the other side shows dynamism.

Fourth one. Paint a picture with your hands. Anytime that you use an expression like, on the one hand, but on the other. Or, small, medium, large. Going from here to here. Don’t be afraid of painting the space with your hands. This makes things very visual for the audience. But also shows them that you’re really interested in getting your point across.

And the fifth gesture to transform your confidence is Actually a gesture that you need to avoid to be more confident What I mean is this one anytime that you’re covering your mouth With your hand, when you speak, or even when you’re listening, means that you might not entirely approve of what’s being said.

You’re stopping yourself from saying something, or it could get the psychological clue to the audience that maybe you’re hiding something because you’re literally hiding a part of your face. So I hope these helped, and I would love to know what are your favorite gestures and why.

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