Mastering Vocal Warmups: Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills

Uncover the secrets to warming up your voice for impactful communication.

Your voice is your most powerful instrument. But most people don’t use it well.

You’re capable of conveying intense emotion and expressiveness with your voice – and you have a wide range. But when we use monotones in our everyday conversation, we miss out on achieving more impact.

In this video, I show you exactly how to warm up your voice so that you’re ready to modulate it as soon as you start speaking. These warmups are from the singing and performing world -and you can use them everyday to give yourself a rich, textured voice.

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When you start speaking, you sometimes croak. Or your voice sounds thin. This is how you can warm up your voice – I suggest doing two types of warmups. 1st – “traditional” warmups. So if you google “how to do voice warmups” you’ll get these. They’re the warmups that singers use. This is an example.

But that’s not enough. You also need to warm up your pitch and tones so that you don’t sound monotonous. For that, I recommend reading an extract in different voices. Shout out to Doctor J for this one. Example: I’m Nausheen and I’m teaching you voice warmups. Now say it with an angry voice like you just had a terrible day.

Now say it like a teenager in a romcom.

Now say it like you get the idea.

This gets your voice loosened up. Ready to be expressive. So the next time you’re about to record a podcast or go on stage, warm up your voice.

Do you do any warmups before you have to do a big talk? I’d love to know.

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