From Nervous Rookie to Confident Public Speaker – One lesson I’ll always remember!

A presentation that taught me about myself and how to be kind.

We’ve all had those moments early in our careers where we’re thrust into the spotlight, and every little mistake feels magnified.

Today, I want to take you back to one such moment in my life — a day filled with nerves, shaky hands, and rapid-fire speech.

But it wasn’t just a day of blunders. It was the day I learned an invaluable lesson about leadership, kindness, and the art of effective feedback.

Join me as I recount a presentation experience from my early twenties that shaped not only my public speaking journey but also my perspective on leadership and guidance.

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I was 22. It was the second day at my new job. My boss asked me to make a presentation.

😐 I was nervous so I spoke really fast.

😐 I was shaking. All of me. My voice, my hands, my soul.

😐 I couldn’t control my body language. My hands went haywire.

😐 I didn’t pause to give the audience a second to breathe.

😐 I didn’t know how to handle difficult questions, so I stuttered “I don’t know”.

You know what my boss said at the end?

She told me:
“Not bad. You handled that well on short notice and not knowing too much about the business. Maybe you could slow down next time, and your hands were a bit distracting”.

This was amazing. She could have told me about 20 things that went wrong.
Instead, she chose to stay positive. And tell me 2 things to work on.
That have stayed with me for 16 years.

Be like my boss. Speak as a leader, so it impacts people long after you’ve said it.

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