Mastering the Art of Pace: Boost Your Public Speaking Impact

Become the most impactful version of yourself.

Is your public speaking a runaway train?

Ever slam through your presentation, leaving your audience confused and breathless in your wake? You’re not alone. Most of us, when faced with the stage lights, transform from steady speakers into babbling bullet trains.

But there’s good news! In this video, we’ll ditch the speaking speed trap and learn the art of deliberate pacing. Discover how to dial down for emphasis, build suspense with dramatic pauses, and inject energy with strategic speed bursts, improving your impact and your speaking.


Most people speak at 150 words per minute.
That’s like a steady train.
What happens when YOU speak in public?

If you’re an inexperienced speaker, you speed up.
The more nervous you are, the more you want to get it over with, the faster you talk.
You’re now driving a faster train.

The audience…are they on the train or not, on the train or not, on the train or not?

At some point, they’ll all fall off the train.

You have to slow down.

But more than that, you have to vary your speeds.

Slow down when you want to make a point.
When you want to emphasize something important.

Speed up a little when you want to convey enthusiasm.
When you want the audience to feel your energy.

Pause when you want to make the audience think.
Use the time to check in with the audience.
Are they with you on the train?

The best speakers in the world are DELIBERATE about the speeds at which they talk.

Do you deliberately change up the speed at which you’re speaking when you present?
I’d love to know.

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