The Crucial Role of Feedback in Perfecting Public Speaking

Unlock the secret to mastering public speaking: it’s not just about practice, but strategic practice.

Forget “practice makes perfect”: The shocking truth about public speaking.

You heard me right: blind practice can be a brutal dream killer for public speakers. Sure, practice is crucial, but without the right feedback, you’re just polishing bad habits until they shine.

That nervous sway? The “um”s and “uhs” multiplying like rabbits? Those distracting flailing gestures? They won’t magically vanish with practice alone. They’ll just get bolder, brighter, and frankly, a little embarrassing.

The secret weapon? Feedback loops. Built-in, honest, laser-focused feedback. Because without it, you might get comfortable on stage, but you’ll never unlock your true public speaking potential.

Ready to ditch the dream-killing trap and unleash your inner speech ninja? This video cracks the code on using feedback to skyrocket your public speaking game.

Hit play and tell us: Do you think you’re getting enough feedback when you practice? Let’s break the bad habit cycle together!


Unpopular opinion. Practice does NOT make perfect.

When it comes to public speaking, practicing is VITALLY important.


Practice by itself is a dream killer.
If you just practice without a strategy and without feedback, you’re reinforcing bad habits.

That bad habit that you have of swaying from side to side?
It won’t go away if you simply practice.

The way you use filler words?
You’ll use MORE and more frequently if you keep “practicing”.

The overuse of gestures?
You will keep distracting the audience each time you speak the same way.

Practicing only works if you’ve built in the right feedback loops.

Without feedback, you might get more used to being on stage, but you won’t become the awesome public speaker you can be.

What do you think? Do you get enough feedback when you practice public speaking? Would love to know.

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