Speech GPT vs You

Don’t be Speech GPT. Only you know how to be yourself on camera.

In this video we will explore the pitfalls of over-reliance on AI, specifically ChatGPT, in mastering the art of on-camera speaking.

While technology can be a valuable aid, this video will show you the importance of human touch, emotion, and authenticity, which machines cannot replicate.

Let us uncover why true confidence and connection with your audience stem from embracing your individuality and the nuances that make human communication irreplaceable.


Hi Speech GPT, can you create a video for me? I’m really busy.

Sure. What would the video be on?

Speaking confidently on camera, you know the usual stuff.

Sure. So to speak confidently on camera, you must have clarity in your content and an effective way to communicate it.

Can you give me some more expressions? Maybe smile a bit more?

Yes. To achieve this confidence, follow these 3 amazing tips.

Can you put a bit more emotion into it?

1. Get the tone right.
2. Make sure you understand the audience you’re addressing.
3.Can you…can you be more human?


4. What is confidence anyway? Is it a figment of our imagination?

Why speak on camera? Or at all?

Ok thank you.

I think umm, I’m good, I can handle it from here.

Don’t be Speech GPT. Only you know how to be yourself on camera.

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